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 ☀️YOU CAN TO BUY NEW VIDEO...ENJPY WITH ME!!!!                                 ⭐Tip Menu from profil!                                                                                          ⭐Anal hard➜70tk                                                                                                ⭐ Atm➜69tok                                                                                                      ⭐ Domi in Ass-Gape➜40tk                                                                                ⭐ 11 balls in ass➜120                                                                                        ⭐Double Penetration➜150tk                                                                ⭐Squirting instant your face 💦➜333tk                                    ⭐Orgasm/Cum💦➜222tk                                                                                  ⭐ Pussy/Dildo➜55tk                                                                                          ⭐Open Pussy-Gape➜30tk                                                                                  ⭐Show feet/soles➜20tk                                                                                  ⭐Fart➜40tk                                                                                                      ⭐Doggy Fingers in ass➜25tk                                                                            ⭐ Fingers in pussy➜45tk                                                                                  ⭐ Smoke➜15tk                                                                                                    ⭐ Fisting ➜75tk                                                                                  ⭐Prolapse➜80tk                                                                                                 --- I hope you understand me I'm not a dating ****** and real sex or a porn star I'm just a simple girl on Cam here is my job, I work hard for a few $$ but I like what I do and I care about all my members and Knights and grateful to all of you. I hope you appreciate me for what I do :) If you like to play with me I am yours and I want to have a lot of fun together!                                                                                            ☀️ Hello, my name is Lola, I am 33 years old and this is my real age !!!    Yes, I am the only a simple woman a alone m0m raising my diabetic girl since I was almost 8 years old, so stop asking "Are you really single a  m0m?"  I'm from Europe - a beautiful little country, if we get closer I'll tell you where I'm from.  My show is pornographic most of the time because I have 10 years of experience in webcams and I continue to work on several at once.  I don't feel so easily that I need wonderful friends next to me, but I always feel real.  I never fake orgasms!  Together with you, I satisfy my intimate pleasures and needs.  I like the vibrations and it helps me feel really strong!  I also like talking to you, so feel free to say hello when you come to my room.  Treat me like a simple and open-minded woman who tries to satisfy the desires of men eager for fantasies and payers for services, do not judge and criticize me like a whore, before you know my suffering, I like to be appreciated.  Remember that it is the job for most of us cammodels to try to respect each other.            ☀️All are welcome, if you treat me with respect and affection, my life will be happier. ☀️ Model questions that arrive in my room or send me PM: My desire is to stay in  top 100! ☀️ Be original and don't let yourself work, work every day!  -Don't be envious and don't har****** models directly or indirectly!  don't forget that everything that comes out of you will come back to you!  Finally: save money to have good work equipment.  I never worked in the studio, I started alone with a simple computer, researching the internet and watching some models is just a starting point was in my case and almost 10 years have passed since I am a model with a lot of virtual sex experience  .Don't copy anyone!  don't wait for luck to come to you!  go in search of luck.  laziness will not make you have a good salary and wish that the salary of a model will only make the universe distance you from success ☀️ If you don't like a sincere woman, don't read these lines!  Basic rules for being a sexy and wanted guy! ☀️ The site is free to watch!                                ☀️Do you want something from a model? chips will help you get it!  Why am I a model here? One reason: good conversation, pleasure and chips to be able to maintain the only independence without other obligations!  I am alone and responsible for what I do here, I am not ashamed and embarrassed by anyone, no one is able to judge me and be treated like a professional paid whore, yes I can be here in a private show but no  and in reality, we will not be hypocritical no one is exposed to have free fun, we all have high expectations! ☀️ Being a gentleman in several rooms does not make you wanted or better!  just show that you like to have fun with many different personalities is good too! -Being faithful and helping a model is something really desired, after all we are here for a goal and a dream to be achieved!  Well, I won't judge your wallet when you can't play your own game! ☀️  And if none of this interests you, it's because you have only one reason to be here: CUM and GO AWAY.  This is also good.  be free!  ** WELCOME!                  ☀️ ❤️Love, sex and food - this is what makes us truly happy. Everything is very simple.                                                              ☀️I prepared because when you try to "calm your mind", you will immediately start attacking!                                            ☀️ Thanks for your support,I hope u enjoy the my show,wait request!      ☀️lets have fun and make my dream come true ,Let's reach the climax together I like sex.                                              ☀️It is no secret that many of us prefer to go through life with one eye.  So, at first glance, it's easier and more comfortable.  And then they begin to look for the cause of anxiety, fatigue and constant apathy, poor mood and depression.  After all, all this takes away our vitality - it steals life itself.  ☀️Not judge or book after the cover!                                                                  ☀️Be compassionate, be smart, be loving.  Don't judge others.  And don't start believing yourself correctly, never consider yourself holy.  Never become "His Holiness."  Never,Never!!! ✌IF YOU ARE CURYOSE YESSSS  I HAVE FREE NIGHTS.... WHEN I AM VERY TIRED:)))            My timezone is Europe GTM +2 ☀️Monday: 11pm-7am ☀️Tuesday: 11pm - 7am ☀️Wednesday: 11pm - 7am ☀️Thursday: 11pm - 7am ☀️Friday: 11pm - 7am ☀️Saturday: 11pm - 7am ☀️Sunday: 11pm - 7am                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ☀️Yessss ,I am smoker!                                                                                  ☀️I have more fun so I can continue play if you tip me from Menu!                                                                                                                                                                                             ☀️Tip to request so I don't have to ban you! No demanding / begging! Dont do: Bl0d,p00,v0mit,meet- not esc0rt or another big crazy things!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ☀️  I just feel the vibrations so intense!I love to get mega horny and squirt !And my fav!Cam2cam, I love to watch you cum...all over my tits, make me lick it all up!Queen of Squirt, Anal, double penetration, Atm, and much more !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ☀️  Love men who to spoil me and enjoy being spoiled. I love block sessions, soldiers long and certainly generosity. Kinky minds are best when our worlds collide anything is possible and horny..  ☀️BE A GENTELMAN-KING❤️if you like me and my show please vote me! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  

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